Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hellmann's Mayonnaise Rocker Ad (Joke/Proposed)

Two young men return to an apartment after a hard rock concert. One of them, the owner of the apartment, is a normal, nondescript working stiff type of guy, and the other one is a rocker type of guy with long hair, tattoos, and a black leather motorcycle jacket with metal spikes all over the lapels, and with a jean jacket vest over the leather jacket with a metal band logo patch sewn onto the back of it. The working stiff guy says: "Wow, that was a great concert!" And the rocker guy says: "yeah, man; it was awesome! Hey, you got anything to eat?" The normal guy says: "How about a sandwich?" The rocker guy agrees, and the working stiff guy makes him a sandwich, something with Hellmann's mayonnaise on it, and he hands it to the rocker guy. The rocker guy takes a bite and says: "Oh, hell, man, that is some fantastic mayonnaise! What kind is it?" And the other guy says: "It's Hellmann's mayonnaise." And the rocker guy says: "No way! Hell-man's? Right on, man!"

Then the announcer says: "Everyone loves the great taste of Hellmann's mayonnaise!"