Monday, July 25, 2016

Degree Antiperspirant Hillary Clinton Joke Ad

We see news footage of Hillary Clinton lying to Congress, and getting grilled by an oversight subcommittee, and then we hear her voice in a voiceover say: “Lying to Congress can be stressful. You’re under oath; that’s perjury. And if they ever decide to do their jobs honestly for once, you could actually go to jail. Well, I can honestly tell you something for once: that kind of stress can cause underarm perspiration, and if they see it, they’ll know you’re feeling a lot of stress and that you’re probably lying. And I mean, it’s me, after all, and so they definitely know I’m lying. But I still don’t want them to see me sweat. That’s why I use Degree Antiperspirant. It helps prevent underarm perspiration so that you can get away with all the perjury you want! It always works for me…”