Friday, July 22, 2016

Diet Soda Universe Ad (Proposed)

We see a CGI representation of the universe. We close in on galaxies, then solar systems, and fly through them, showing planets up close. Then the announcer says that the universe is an amazing thing, filled with complexity and teeming with energy, vibrancy, and colorfulness, and with a great diversity of life throughout, and yet, it is mostly empty space, even on the atomic level. It’s very much like how (whichever brand of diet soda) is bursting with flavor and effervescence, and yet has (almost) zero calories. And we take a similar trip through a bottle of the soda as we did through the universe, but with bubbles of carbonation, in groups and then separately, represent the galaxies and solar systems and planets we saw earlier in our tour of the universe. Then the slogan is: “(Brand of diet soda): A big bang of flavor for a universe of enjoyment.”