Friday, July 22, 2016

Gold Bond James Bond Movie Ad Intro

I have posted some fun ads for Gold Bond cream and powder where a gold-colored James Bond character called Gold Bond (a James Bond character who is covered in shiny gold like Shirley Eaton was covered in gold in the movie Goldfinger) fights evil itch-engineering bad guys like Itch Bitch, etc. And for the intro for a Gold Bond ad like this, we’d see an intro like the James Bond movie intro of James Bond walking as seen through the barrel of a gun, only in this case the whole picture is covered in red at the beginning, and then Gold Bond quickly turns to face the barrel and quick-draws a tube of Gold Bond medicated cream and squirts some towards the camera, causing the red to disappear, leaving a black & white image, showing how using Gold Bond makes the itchy red irritation disappear.

This intro could open all Gold Bond ads using the Gold Bond character.