Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Charter Spectrum DNC Hacker Joke Ad

In a dimly lit room, we see a hacker leaning over his/her computer and hacking away. We cannot see his/her face, but we see the hat he/she is wearing, and it says: “Make America Great Again.” Then we cut to the computer screen in an over-the-shoulder shot, and we see the screen, for the Democratic National Committee, and it says: “Access Denied.” Then the hacker types some more, and the screen says: “Access Granted.” And then, after they type some more, the screen says: “Copy All Files: Yes or No,” and the hacker selects: “Yes,” and the screen says: “Copying All Files.”

Then, while the files are copying to the hacker’s computer (actually to a flash drive attached to the computer), the announcer chimes in, saying: “Charter Spectrum gives you internet so lightning fast, you can hack in and copy the whole contents of a political party’s servers and get out before they even know they’ve been hacked.”

Then we see that the screen says: “Finished Copying.” The hacker logs off, ejects the flash drive, closes their laptop, and walks out of the room. Then we cut to a person watching the news on TV, and we see coverage of the Wikileaks DNC email dump.