Monday, July 25, 2016

Samuel Adams Boston Tea Party Ad (Joke/Proposed)

We see a group of Colonial Bostonians on the night of the Boston Tea Party, and they are sitting together in a tavern drinking Samuel Adams’s beer, and they absolutely love the beer. So later that night, after they’ve had a few beers each, a friend of theirs sticks his head in the door of the tavern to tell everyone that a British ship carrying tea has just arrived in Boston Harbor. When they hear this, one of the group of Colonial Bostonians says: “Tea? Phooey! We only want this beer!” Then the others agree in a rowdy and vociferous manner, and they decide to go toss the tea into Boston Harbor. So they dress up as Indians, and they sneak aboard the British ship, and they throw all the tea overboard. And then we cut to a thirty-something man in the present day, drinking a Samuel Adams beer in his living room with his elementary school-aged son, and he tells his son: “And that’s the true story of how the Boston Tea Party really happened.” And the man’s son looks back at his father and says: “Um, are you sure about that, Dad?”