Saturday, July 30, 2016

DNC Explanation of Campaign Finance Questions

The Wikileaks DNC email dump exposed what appear to be serious campaign finance irregularities, according to a story by Politico. Reportedly, in group fundraising, the Hillary Clinton campaign has kept the vast majority of the money raised that was supposed to be split between her campaign and the campaigns of numerous state DNC candidates, with the states only keeping 0.56% of all moneys raised. The emails make it look like rest of the money has gone to Hillary's campaign, and the states are upset about it. If true, this uses money laundering tactics to circumvent campaign donation limits set by campaign finance laws. This is especially egregious/amusing when you consider that the Democrats are the ones always complaining about how corrosive and corrupting money in politics is to our democratic system. Now we see how they know so well how corrupting it really is.

But this is all part of the plan, according to the DNC. You see, according to them, the DNC allegedly violated campaign finance laws the way they did to demonstrate to the public just how easy it is to violate the laws and become corrupted to the core by campaign contributions, proving once and for all just how much money in politics can corrupt candidates and political parties.

And that's all they were doing: educating us via an object lesson just how bad money in politics is! Imagine if a truly corrupt political party, like the RNC, or truly corrupt candidates, like any and all Republican candidates, became corrupted like the DNC and Hillary Clinton have been shown to be in the hacked DNC emails: then our government could really become corrupt! And then political parties could actually try to fix the outcomes of primary elections and maybe even general elections someday!

It's a really good thing the Democrats tried to warn us about the potential for the corruption of money in politics by going through the motions of pretending to be corrupted by it themselves, and pretending to have it all be exposed by a pretend hack of their emails so that it would look and seem real. So now we'll be ready if anyone ever tries any of these shenanigans for real someday! I'm glad the DNC had the courage to demonstrate this.

Here's the Politico story I referred to above: