Sunday, July 24, 2016

Just for Men Patrick Magee “Dementia 13” (Joke) Ad

Dementia 13, Francis Ford Coppola’s first full-length movie, is a real low-budget horror classic. TCM showed it again recently, and I’m sure they will show it again around Halloween too. And in this movie, we get to see Patrick Magee with white hair and a black mustache and eyebrows. And I thought: “Hey, what a great Just for Men Mustache Dye ad this would make!”

So in this joke ad for Just for Men Mustache and Beard Dye, Patrick Magee’s character from Dementia 13 is a psychiatrist who is so incompetent, all of his patients become axe murderers. (Dementia 13 is a movie about an axe murderer, for those who don’t know.) And with his axe-murdering patients always murdering their families with an axe, nobody is ever left to pay his fees. And so he doesn’t have enough money to buy hair dye and also mustache and beard dye, so he has to choose which to get, and he decides to get the mustache and beard dye because people mainly look at other people’s faces most of the time.

Unfortunately for him, when one of his patients sees him again, his newly dyed mustache and eyebrows reminds this patient of the father who used to abuse him, so he chops up Patrick Magee’s psychiatrist character with an axe.

Oh, but at least now he’ll have behind a good-looking corpse because he used Just for Men Mustache and Beard Dye: for corpses so sexy, they encourage necrophilia! (Or, at least his severed head will look attractive, even if the rest of him has been chopped up.)

This is Patrick Magee from Dementia 13: