Tuesday, September 4, 2012

“1 Shocking Tip to Kill Belly Fat” Internet Ad

Here is another one of these ridiculous Internet ads I can’t stand. It acts like it has something to say, but it doesn’t say it. No, it wants you to click on it, which makes me think: “This is a scam.” Maybe it’s not a scam, and they just get paid by mouse-clicks or something, but I don’t care. If you have a point to make in an ad, make it already, or shut up!

But the fact that I haven’t fallen for their ruse and clicked on the link does nothing to deter me from figuring out the answer to this riddle. Yes, I have thought this out, and I believe I have the answer they’re withholding. You see, it seems to me a “shocking” tip to kill belly fat would be to recommend people to simply kill the person that the belly fat is on. That’s shocking, right? And it’s clear to me that belly fat most certainly couldn’t survive if someone killed its host, right? After all, it’s pretty evident that belly fat is simply a parasite that lives on people’s bellies, and that it probably gets its hooks into us by infesting our most delicious foods, knowing that we’ll be sure to eat them eventually, granting them a home. And until we can figure out a way to kill them before they get into the foods, this will be the best we can do. (Unless you want to click on that link, that is…)