Friday, February 10, 2017

Amazon Echo Buster Super Bowl Ad

This fun ad shows a small dog on top of someone’s Super Bowl party spread eating it, and the (off-screen) owner yells: “Buster!” Then he asks Amazon’s Echo to order some pizza from Pizza Hut.

This ad does what I have been suggesting for a few years now, finally: ads for more than one product in the same ad, or if you like, product placement in ads themselves.

This is a fun ad showing a scenario most of us who have dogs, and sometimes even cats, experience often when we’re having people over. So it’s relatable and funny and all that stuff.

I thought the ad for Google’s rip-off of the Amazon Echo (seen earlier in the Super Bowl) did a better job at showing what it can do, but this ad is more fun. Plus, most of us already know what the Echo with Alexa can do.

I love the look on the dog’s face, as if it’s trying to say: “What? I’m a dog. You knew I wanted some of this. If it’s not for me, then why did you put it so close to the floor?”

Here’s the Alexa ad: