Friday, February 17, 2017

DiGiorno Point of View Ad

I just saw this ad early in the morning a couple of weeks ago with my brother in law as my niece was watching Dr. Who before school. We both agreed it was really quite good.

We see the DiGiorno pizza cooking in the oven, and a “pizza cam”, I guess you could call it, follows the pizza around from the oven out into a party, showing not only how good it looks, but how popular it is. It’s a great ad! Really well done.

And then the slogan is: “Rise to the occasion.” Hmm, I seem to remember that as being one of my old spec Viagra slogans. It’s also the recent Men’s Wearhouse slogan. But hopefully it isn’t possible to trademark idioms for advertising use. (Sadly, I think if you have enough money, you can trademark any words you want. Then I guess nobody else is ever allowed to say them anymore.)

This ad gets extra special high marks from me too for reminding me of the great old Little Caesars Vegetarian Society Meatsa Meatsa ad they pulled from the air in the 1990s. It used the same POV pizza camera shot, but to a much different, and far funnier, effect. But I guess it left a bad taste in some people’s mouths so in an early example of what was to come, the heckler’s veto became the rule.

Here’s the pizza POV piece:

And here’s the great Little Caesars “Meatsa Meatsa” ad from the 1990s: