Friday, February 10, 2017

Weight Loss Bill Belichick Ad (Joke/Proposed)

Bill Belichick appears on camera, and someone on something like Snapchat uses a filter or maybe someone uses Photoshop to make him into a very pregnant woman in a bikini with his head, and then it goes viral online, with the meme: “Bill Belly Chick!” and: “Bill’s a Belly Chick!” Then everyone starts riding him about it online and at the Patriots, and so he goes on a diet using the company’s program (like Nutrisystem or whatever), and he loses his belly fat. So then he shows off his new look without the big belly, and then the internet makes him look like a skinny woman in a bikini, and he says: “Damn it! Well, at least I don’t look fat anymore.”

Then, as a tag, if it’s for Nutrisystem, we see Terry Bradshaw, or some other football guy who does ads for them, using a laptop making all the Belly Chick memes, and that person sees they’re busted by the camera, so they look into the camera and shrug.