Thursday, February 9, 2017

Legion Super Bowl Ad

Okay, so here we see a nurse wrap a white blanket on a baby, and then we see her put it in a line of babies wrapped in gray blankets; and then, after she walks away, the baby in the white blanket starts levitating above the table, and I thought: “Hey: that baby has white privilege! He gets to rise to the top just because he’s swaddled in white. No fair!”

Is that what the people who made this ad wanted us to think?

Actually, the white blanket falls off the levitating baby, so you might think it should fall; but it’s still wearing a white diaper, so my point still stands. (I wonder if the other babies are wearing gray diapers to match their gray blankets? I would hate to think they were wearing things that didn’t match.)

Here’s the baby bit: