Friday, February 3, 2017

Hipaa Hippy Vs. Trump’s Doctor Joke PSA

A NY Times reporter, in this joke PSA, asks Donald Trump’s doctor what prescriptions Trump takes and for what, and he answers the question, in violation of Hipaa laws. So then, remembering my previous PSA about the Hipaa Hippy, who is always paranoid about people finding out about his drug use, and is, as such, a good advertising mascot for explaining what Hipaa laws are, the NY Times reporter asks what the Hipaa Hippy takes, and Trump’s doctor starts to tell the reporter, and the Hipaa Hippy appears and says: “A-ha, man! I thought because you look like a hippy you’d be cool like a hippy, but you’re not: you’re a narc, man!”

Then the announcer would explain how Hipaa laws protect patient privacy and protect medical records, and all that stuff.

(Actually, this would make a good PSA for explaining what Hipaa laws are, and how they protect patient confidentiality, but it’s so silly, I doubt anyone would want to let an ad agency make it, those spoiled sports.)

Here’s my original Hipaa Hippy PSA from earlier:

(Anyone who does not know what Trump’s doctor looks like can just Google: “Trump’s doctor”. He looks like a stoned old hippy in a lab coat.)