Monday, February 13, 2017

Planters Missing Inventory Ad

In this fun spot for Planters we see Mr. Peanut (When will there be a Ms. Peanut?) at their assembly line factory where woodland creatures are forced to work apparently (And I thought the Keebler Elves were bad with all the nepotism and child labor violations!), and then there are some nuts missing from the assembly line, and it turns out to be a chipmunk who put them in his cheeks.

But not to worry: Mr. Peanut threatens to fire Mr. Chipmunk and he spits the nuts out of his cheeks and back onto the assembly line and right into the can, straight to your mouth! (I hope you’re immune to infectious chipmunk diseases! Just kidding: I hope you’re not. Just kidding.)

But with all the peanut allergies these days I would think maybe the better way to see who ate the nuts would be to look on the floor to see who’s going into anaphylactic shock. Oh, but that would admit kids work there and they don’t feed them well enough, so scratch that.

It is funny to me, however, that they still are not required to have a warning in their ads. Cigarettes are not allowed to advertise because they might kill you; but it will take years for them to make you dead. But with peanut allergies, if you’re allergic, you can die in minutes. So it’s funny there’s no warning with peanut ads like there is with pharmaceutical ads about how they may cause death.

And actually, I like this ad a lot: It’s cute. But my other points still stand.

But hey, apparently Planters hires ex-cons, because you’d have to think that chipmunk got caught shoplifting nuts at some point. But now they’re giving him a second chance, which is very conscientious of Planters. Oh, but then his criminal tendencies reared their ugly head again, and who knows how many nuts he pilfered before he was caught! (Oh, the rodentiary! That just makes all rodents look bad now! Next squirrels will start to steal nuts out of bird feeders! And all because of this ad that sent a bad example! Oh, for shame! You know squirrels are watching this ad through someone's window right now and getting the wrong idea about how crime pays and all the nuts are just there for the taking!)

Here’s the chipmunk cheeks commercial: