Saturday, February 25, 2017

Amazon Echo Joke Ad

A man murders someone and the Amazon Echo hears and records the whole thing, which would identify the killer, but Amazon refuses to give the recording to the police. Then the killer strikes again in another home, and another Amazon Echo records the whole thing, but Amazon refuses to give the recording to the investigators again. Then the killer strikes again, and again, and again, and each and every time the murders are recorded by an Amazon Echo, and each one would identify and help catch the killer, and yet still Amazon refuses to aid authorities in their attempt to stop this mad monstrous murderer. Then, finally, the killer kills someone who has an iPhone, and a recording on the iPhone gets the vicious murderer caught. Then the announcer says: “Hey killers: kill people who use the Amazon Echo, not people with iPhones. Amazon won’t rat you out to the cops, so you can kill in the privacy and anonymity that is your absolute right under the law!”