Friday, February 17, 2017

Lexus Lump of Coal Event (Joke Ad)

In a joke on the recent Lexus Christmas ads, Santa Claus punishes parents for forcing their kids to lie and write that they want a Lexus in their Christmas list when it’s really their mother or father who wants one. The kids get the toys they want, and the parents get lumps of coal in boxes with the Lexus logo printed on top.

Or maybe, just to punish the parents further, the kid get the Lexus and magic from the Spirit of Christmas prevents the parents from driving it. And for bribing his parents into getting a puppy, Santa Claus brings the kid a cat instead.

Also, since it has been well established in seasonal ad campaigns, everyone knows Santa Claus drives a Mercedes. So anyone who asks for any other kind of luxury sedan or crossover is going to get a lump of coal automatically anyway.

Here’s an example of a spot from the fun, if dishonest Lexus December to Remember ad campaign from this past Christmas (Doesn’t this spot seem to indicate and impugn the character of the kinds of people who might drive a Lexus?):