Friday, February 10, 2017

Spectrum That’s Who We Are Super Bowl Ad

Um, normally this is a good and serviceable corporate ad. But really? They spent $5 Million on just a regular TV ad for the Super Bowl?

Like no big concepts or flashy, attention-grabbing things? If you don’t do that, then your ad is instantly forgettable, and so don’t bother with the Super Bowl would be my advice. It’s just too expensive and with too much high-concept and flashy competition otherwise.

So next year, please give us some crazy flashy concept-driven spot so we all will never forget it. Like maybe the Hawk kind of thing.

But that’s just my advice.

There’s nothing wrong with the ad, but you can’t get people’s attention by sitting down when everyone else is standing up, and that’s what I think this ad does by being so normal and pedestrian during the Super Bowl. But maybe that’s just me.

Here’s the hard-working spot: