Friday, February 10, 2017

Maltese Falcon Reference in the Super Bowl?

Is it just me, or was there a reference to the movie The Maltese Falcon in Super Bowl LI?

In the third quarter, with 4:13 left to play, it sounds like Tom Brady says: “You know!”

And Walter Huston has his great scene in The Maltese Falcon where he bursts into Sam Spade’s office and says: “You know… Falcon.” And he drops the package containing the Maltese Falcon and immediately drops dead himself.

When I heard Tom Brady use: “You know” as part of a play call, I could only think: “You know… Falcons.” Because they were losing to the Falcons at that point by a score of 28 to 3, and they might have felt like they were dying there out on the field.

I have to wonder: Was I imagining it, or was that reference to The Maltese Falcon on purpose?