Saturday, February 25, 2017

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport I Spy Ad

This spot shows a mom driving her kids to school while her kids play the game I Spy. And so they start with ‘M’, and one kid names their dog. Then they say something that starts with ‘B’, and another kid says: “Boat!” because they drive next to a car towing a motorboat. Then one kid suggests ‘F’, and a fire engine almost drives into them, and one kid says: “Fire truck!” And then they argue about whether or not that counts because fire truck is two words, and the announcer tells us that the Mitsubishi Outlander is one of America’s safest crossovers. (Funny how nobody wants to call them SUVs anymore, huh?)

Well, this is effective and everything, but I think this ad should have a companion piece where the mom drives the kids in one of the least safe crossovers in America, and when they get to the word that starts with ‘F’, the kid says: “Fatal accident!” and a truck smashes into them. That would illustrate why you might want a safer crossover, and people might get scared into buying the Mitsubishi.

(Just kidding. I know: me and my warped sense of humor, right?)

Here’s the I Spy Sport spot: