Friday, February 10, 2017

Audi Soapbox Derby Super Bowl Ad

I love this ad. But, like with others from this Super Bowl, I like it better as a political ad than as a product ad. But, like I said, I love it.

What happened, did women stop buying Audis or something? Was it the use of the Iggy and the Stooges song that I wish I had thought of using for an Audi ad that drove them away?

But the biggest thing that flew into my mind upon seeing this ad was that she should have pulled that other kid’s wheel off like in the chariot race in Ben Hur. She uses the brake, which is fine, but it makes it look like she’s bailing out and wins by accident, whereas if she turned her steering wheel and broke his wheel off, she would seem more dominant. But maybe they’re saying safe drivers will always overcome hazardous drivers? I thought all that technology that’s not intimidating in Audis would let us all drive like maniacs, or womaniacs.

A lot of people complained about this ad, apparently. That’s silly. But like I said, it would make a better political ad than a product/corporate ad because if people got turned off, it couldn’t harm product sales, and it would make people who liked the politics of the ad dig their heels in. It’s hard to imagine dig innier heels than everyone has now over politics, but you know what I mean.

But like Michael Jordan said once when asked why he didn't get more political: "Republicans buy shoes too."

Companies would do well to remember that if they don't want to alienate half the country. That's not a political statement from me, but rather, a statement of common sense for companies out there who are listening.

Here’s the soapy speedy spot: