Thursday, February 9, 2017

ZzzQuil Sleep is a Beautiful Thing Ad (Proposed)

ZzzQuil’s new slogan appears to be: “Because sleep is a beautiful thing.”

Well, with that slogan, an ad campaign could personify sleep as a beautiful model like Gigi Hadid with wings on who appears like Peter Pan through the window to put people to sleep if they use ZzzQuil. And in each ad in the campaign, it would be a different supermodel.

But I think maybe an ad like that would keep men up at night waiting for them?

Hey, it would beat that neon Lunesta butterfly that keeps getting caught in by bug zapper. You’d think they’d teach it not to go into the light like in Poltergeist, but that’s the problem with using a butterfly or moth as your sleep bringing corporate mascot. Bug zappers are so loud, it always wakes me up when it comes!