Friday, February 10, 2017

Wix Destroyed Restaurant Super Bowl Ad

Okay, so here we have Jason Statham, Gal Godot, and some other hot sexy people beating each other up and blowing up a restaurant while the chef in the back is blissfully unaware with headphones on until he finally hears the explosion that blows up his restaurant. Not that he could have done much about it anyway unless he wanted to get his ass kicked.

Oh, yeah, and then Gal Godot says: “Can I have this to go?” about some dessert singed in the explosion. If I were a chef, I would have hit her over the head with a rolling pin for that after ruining my restaurant, but I guess she’s lucky it wasn’t my restaurant. But you know these action movie stars: nothing can kill them anyway, so I’m sure that would only tickle her. She is Wonder Woman after all, so it would likely bounce off her bracelets.

So then what happens after the guy loses his restaurant because millionaire Hollywood action stars destroyed it is that now he has a food truck. Hey but that’s funny, right? A guy loses his business to the reckless behavior of rich people, so he’s literally out on the street now. Ha ha! So funny! At least he has Wix?

You’d think that rich Hollywood stars that wreck someone’s business would offer to pay for it, but I guess not, because apparently rich Hollywood stars are just like Wall Street people: suck it, poor loser guy! I guess that’s what Republicans mean by Limousine Liberals.

You’d think Hollywood stars would walk the walk, what with the Walk of Fame and all, but I guess not. Or am I maybe taking this too seriously? I heard this really happens a lot here in Hollywood to small business owners. Just watch an action movie and you’ll see.

Here’s the action movie ad: