Monday, February 6, 2017

The IBM Steve Jobs Computer

When IBM makes a better, faster, smarter computer than Watson, I hope they’ll call it the Steve Jobs Computer. And when Apple complains, saying: “Hey! You can’t use Steve Jobs’s name! He co-created and headed Apple Computers, as well as creating most of its conecpts!” then IBM could say: “Well, Apple made a Newton, named after Isaac Newton, and he didn’t work for Apple.” Then Apple would say: “Yeah, but Isaac Newton’s dead!” And IBM could say: “So is Steve Jobs. What’s your point? You own him because he worked for you? I don’t see Next suing you guys for still referencing Steve Jobs’s name.” And Apple might say: “Son of a bitch! We’ll see you in court! And we’ll soon release the Apple IBM Phone, and the Bill Gates laptop too soon!” And IBM would say: “Knock yourselves out. IBM is a registered trademark. Bill Gates isn’t. Or is it? Maybe it is. But Steve Jobs is not a registered trademark that we know of, so (blow a raspberry sound)!”