Saturday, February 11, 2017

Tide Terry Bradshaw Stain Super Bowl Ad

Okay so here we have Terry Bradshaw get a stain on his shirt before he goes on air, and then everyone comments on it, and a news reporter says it’s BBQ sauce (It’s obviously ketchup. Biased pro-ketchup spin news reporting. FAKE NEWS!), and so, rattled about everyone noticing the stain on his shirt, Terry Bradshaw takes one of those golf carts and illegally drives it on the freeway (Friends of mine from college got arrested and kicked off campus for doing the same thing, only I don’t think stains were involved in their escapade.) until he almost has a wreck with a truck and he veers off the road and into Jeffrey Tambor’s yard, where he is told, again, that he has a stain on his shirt.

So the long and the short of it is, Jeffrey Tambor lets him come in and wash his shirt. But in the next scene, we see Terry Bradshaw in an undershirt and his boxer briefs. He had a stain on his shirt; why did he take his pants off?

Inquiring minds want to know.*

Here’s the pantsless piece:

* (That's an old National Enquirer slogan, for those who don't recognize the reference.)