Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Coke Foodie Super Bowl Ad

There was a Coke ad during the Super Bowl where there was all this delicious looking food, and also people were drinking Coke. Well, I was always a Coke guy when I was younger, but nowadays I don’t drink sodas because I can’t stand the way all that sugar makes me feel. So my new soda type of drink is the Liefman’s Fruitesse, Wyder’s Raspberry Cider and Wyder’s Pear Cider. But I have to say: that food looked really good! Coke should do more ads for restaurants after this ad, as that food looked so yummy it was ridiculous!

I can’t seem to find this ad in a cursory search. Maybe I’ll come back and try to find it later. Sorry if you missed it, but it did seem to be about the food even more than it was about the Coke, so maybe an easy one to miss?