Saturday, February 4, 2017

TaxSlayer Slayer Ad (Proposed)

Slayer plays one of their brutal songs, and afterwards one band member says to the other: “Hey, we’re going to have to do our taxes soon. I feel like ‘hell awaits’.” And he replies: “Yeah. People think our music is hard, but doing your taxes: that’s hard! I’d rather ‘die by the sword’!” And the soundman tells them: “Not with TaxSlayer! Other ways of doing your taxes ‘show no mercy’, but TaxSlayer works like ‘black magic’.” Then the announcer chimes in, saying: “Don’t spend tax ‘season in the abyss’! Use TaxSlayer: it’s as fast as a Slayer song!” Then we see the band start playing one of their fastest songs.

(Slayer fans will notice the dialog is peppered with Slayer song titles.)