Monday, February 6, 2017

Skittles Romance Super Bowl Ad

I have been hard on Skittles ads before, but this one is fantastic and hilarious and just keeps getting funnier as it goes along. They knocked this one out of the park.

Years ago, when I started writing my own ads, I had one I wrote for some show like SportsCenter where I had a combination of three different sports, and someone I admire and respect said it should be like eight of them, one after the other. And he was right. I just couldn’t think of how to do it at the time.

But this ad is so fun for having the daughter, the mom, the dad, the grandmother, a burglar, and a cop, and then a groundhog one after the other catching Skittles in their mouths, all thrown by Katie’s boyfriend who is trying to sneak her out after hours. (I wonder how many times they had to film that before they got it to work right.)

Here’s the sneaky-outy spot: