Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Fast & Furious 8 Super Bowl Ad

Near the end of this spot some rapper says: “Bu bu bu bu bu buuullllshit!” And I have to say, I agree with that sentiment here. (Or does he say: “Push it!”?) Maybe I read it based upon what I saw.) Does it look dazzling and stuff? Yeah, I guess. But it’s all totally fake and like a cartoon. But for people who like fake car toons, then hopefully they will love it.

But this is a real opportunity for fast food restaurant or grocery food or TGI Fridays type of restaurants to do some product placement and tie-in ads.

Get it? Fast & Furious Ate. What did the Fast & Furious eat? They 8 (whatever product/restaurant/etc.) Pretty obvious stuff here. We’ll see if anyone ties any ads into this obvious blockbuster movie.

Here’s the Super Bowl ad for the, what’s it called now, Furious 8? Fast 8? I can’t keep track anymore. I can’t believe how Fast I 8 those pancakes! Like I said: pretty obvious stuff here. Anyway, here’s the spot:

And I’m sorry to say this, but I think maybe they are objectifying women and glorifying violence here. Oh, shame on those guys!

I do kinda like the F8 meaning fate thing, though.