Thursday, February 9, 2017

Expedia It’s You Super Bowl Ad

I love this ad, but not for this product. I like it for this product, but I think it would better serve a human rights group.

This is an amazing ad for the Peace Corps, but I don’t believe it as much as a travel website ad, because who travels on their own dime to conflict zones willingly?

I think the world of people who do this kind of thing, but I doubt they use Expedia as individuals to travel to conflict zones.

But hey: I could be wrong, and I often am. Maybe I should ask my old college friends about whether or not their underlings use Expedia to fly to conflict zones to look for human rights abuses and such.

But like I said, a great ad for the Peace Corps, or any other similar group or charity. It really makes you feel like you were there, if only for an instant.

And this is one of the few ads that literally has brought tear to my eyes.

But I’m almost surprised, after everything she’s been through in this commercial, she doesn’t tell the guy on the train: “Hide! Stay home all the time! It’s a dangerous world out there!”

Here’s the train-ing spot: