Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Uploaded Consciousness Recreation

We keep hearing about how soon people will be able to upload their consciousness onto a computer and live forever. But what if the person’s consciousness that’s living forever in a computer gets bored and wants to party? Will there be little apps that they can run to make the consciousness on the computer feel like they’ve had a few drinks, or maybe like they’ve taken some kinds of party drugs? And will the government then make those apps illegal?

Will we need to extend the War on Drugs to battle virtual drug simulation apps for bored immortal uploaded consciences? And what would the government use to fight such things, virtual DEA agents waiting in modems and USB ports to catch the computerized contraband to make sure people can’t get high in their immortal computerized afterlife too? And what happens if the immortal uploaded personality gets caught getting high with an illegal party drug app? Do they get deactivated or wiped from the hard drive, or maybe they get locked into their server for a certain amount of time in some digital version of a prison sentence?

I wonder if AIs will someday become drug traffickers for such things drug simulation apps for immortal uploaded consciousness personalities residing on computers. That would be hilarious. And when they get busted by DEA bots online, I could hear the AIs saying, in that computer voice: “Hey, man. I have to make a living somehow.” Meanwhile, the DEA bots will find all kinds of virtual luxury items like yachts and massive digital summer homes, etc., with avatars wearing the most expensive virtual designer couture clothing, and with CGI animated virtual exotic animal AIs like snow leopards and tigers and such: clearly a violation of the virtual endangered animals act! And the drug trafficking AIs will have all these hangers-on type AIs with hot women avatars in slinky, scanlity-clad computerized clothing and sporting sexy breast enhancement simulations.

Then I guess we’ll have moralizing conservative AI talking heads to shame these drug simulation users who are kept alive forever on computer servers, claiming they’re the reason for the crumbling morality online, and to think of all the other addicted immortal uploaded consciousnesses, and all the AI children of drug trafficking AIs having to grow up without their AI parents, and what kind of example does this set for newly uploaded AI programs when they see all these rich drug dealing AIs living in enormous, luxurious gold-plated and diamond-encrusted servers in some gaudy marble simulated mansion installed somewhere in a virtual drug cartel computer server lab. Oh, the virtual humanity!