Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Sprint Fake Death Super Bowl Ad

Okay, a lot of people probably aren’t going to get this reference, but there’s a movie called Spasmo by Umberto Lenzi, and it’s a crazy Italian Giallo movie starring Robert Hoffman, Suzy Kendall and Ivan Rassimov, and in it someone does exactly this same kind of faking his own death thing by pushing a car into a disused quarry, but in Spasmo, I think it’s a bit more complicated than it is in this spot for Sprint. Oh, and he puts a real dead guy into the car to represent himself. 

I have a hard time believing it, but I think it’s very likely the creatives who came up with this ad had recently seen Spasmo. And if they did base the Sprint ad on the scene from Spasmo, then I like it 100 times more than I would otherwise, and I already like it. In fact, I think more ads should be based upon Giallo movies, because they’re so silly and so much fun.

There’s a very silly trailer for Spasmo on YouTube, and it would recommend everyone watch it at least once just for fun. Here it is (The car going into the quarry beings at 1:03):

The movie is free (for the moment) to see on YouTube. I would encourage everyone to watch it if they have a chance, as it’s a fun, crazy movie:

The scene I’m talking about starts at 1:04:14. See if you don’t recognize some similarities to the Sprint Super Bowl ad.

Oh, and here's the Sprint Super Bowl ad:

Also: What's the "Can you hear me now" Verizon traitor guy doing skiing where there's no snow? Was he going to ski off the edge of the quarry in some kind of new extreme sport (sponsored by Mountain Dew: Do the Dew, Dude!) until this death-faking family came along to let him give an ad pitch for Sprint against Verizon? It looks like it.

Why should we trust anyone who skis without any snow on the ground on the edge of a quarry about anything? Seems to me he'd be more trustworthy without the ski poles.