Thursday, February 9, 2017

ZzzQuil Big Day Tomorrow Super Bowl Ad

This ad shows how I feel a lot when I have a big day the next day: I can’t sleep. I think most people have this experience, which is why I think this spot should resonate with most people who have any money. Little kids don’t have this problem as much, I don’t think; but they can’t buy ZzzQuil anyway until they get to high school, and then they’ll use it for a totally different reason.

For me though, this ad doesn’t work as well as it could because ZzzQuil doesn’t make me fall asleep: I just feel wonky and wish I hadn’t taken it. But that’s not the ad’s fault. And I think this is an inspired ad.

One question, though: Before she takes the ZzzQuil she’s wearing a white t-shirt, and afterwards she’s wearing a blue t-shirt. Did she spill the ZzzQuil on her shirt when she took it, or do people in blue t-shirts simply sleep better than people in white t-shirts? I’m only asking because if the blue t-shirt helps her sleep better, then she didn’t need the ZzzQuil, now did she?

Oh, and also, the tagline is: “Because sleep is a beautiful thing.” In that case, why didn’t they put glamour makeup on her for her sleeping shot? Not that I am knocking her looks, you understand. But it has always made me laugh how in movies actresses always sleep with their glamorous makeup on, but nobody I have ever known for more than one night does that.

Hey, wait: Are they saying, with this ad, that no makeup makes women look more beautiful than wearing a lot of makeup? Hey, that’s what I think! If that is what they meant then this ad is perfectly messaged.

Here’s the sleepy spot: