Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sprint Zombie Ad

I see that Sprint is running a new zombie ad for their Unlimited My Way plan. This is pretty cute, actually using a zombie in an ad appropriately, as opposed to just throwing one in just because of the zombie fad, with no other conceptual reason for having one whatsoever, like some other ads I have seen before have done. But while this ad makes clever use of the zombie to push their product, notice that they never answer the zombie's question. So that probably means that if you get zombified, they'll use that as an excuse to terminate your contract and keep all your money. But then again, I guess you could always get revenge by eating their brains. And maybe she did try to answer the zombie's question, but it was all a ruse, and while she was talking, he started biting her head and slurping out her brain, and they had to cut away before it got gory, so they couldn't finish the script as they intended, but then the Zombie Screen Actors Guild (ZSAG) said they had to use the ad as shot as per the contract, and so all they could do was edit it down. So maybe they do let zombies sign up too. Otherwise, it would be discriminatory, you know, anyway, and they could sue.

Here's the cannibal corpse cell phone commercial: