Thursday, April 11, 2013

Geico Pillsbury Dough Boy TSA Ad

I knew those Geico ad jokesters were really terrorists all along! Now they have a commercial where the Pillsbury Dough Boy is being poked at an airport security line by TSA. Well, that’s just so we’ll all get used to seeing him there, and then we won’t think anything is amiss! Oh, but then, these ad guys from that carnival stage with their guitar and mandolin will send a Pillsbury Dough Boy-looking imposter made of plastique, and when they poke his belly: Kaboom! I know what they’re up to! It’s not enough that they terrorize us all with their lame ads, but now they’re trying to brainwash us all into getting used to their malevolent plans to harm even more people! Why, shame on them! And whenever you see a dough boy at the airport security line, RUN!

Here’s the detonating dough boy decoy: